Q: What do you get when you cross science and motherhood?

A: 805 Botanicals

Q: What do you get when you add Talent?

A: Happiness!

The Journey:

Sustainable farming is where my Environmental Science degree led me. Helping farmers shift into the slow and “specialty food” movement has been a rewarding journey, as well as helping them market directly to end user’s through local marketplace venues. But the real impetus for 805 Botanicals came when my [then] 10-year-old started sneaking into my makeup. From the nail polish on her toes to the gloss on her lips, I began to discover the horror of mass market personal care products. This problem was exacerbated by mosquito’s and their magnetic draw to my son, those huge bite welts and the terribly unsuccessful natural products we bought to avoid Deet. Camping was a harrowing experience. How I frequently and so naively asked, “how can the FDA even allow these ingredients at all?” A redundant and silly question after all I had seen in the local food movement evolution. Something had to be done…

Power in Numbers:

Inspiration is fueled by friends! That is how my good friend Deb became my business partner. She brought her background in blending top quality essential oils for effective outcomes to the table. As our resident “product ninja”, Deb’s meticulous style lends itself wonderfully to keep production up to snuff.

Healthy Revolution:

Eating healthy has become a revolution. What about wearing healthy? Personal care products are absorbed into our bodies just like foods are – a fact that takes people by surprise wherever I go. Fortunately, the remedy is easy. Establish new patterns to replace the old, read labels and scrutinize ingredients. I challenge you to question, to change, and to renew a healthy you. Try 805 Botanicals today! 

Other Amazing finds Inside the 805: 

This segment will feature my favorite revolutionary picks from small farms/makers inside the 805 region.

Going Local:

805 is the California Central Coast area code, stretching from Ventura to Southern Monterey…we grow more than award winning wine! 805 Botanicals is made with fine ingredients, most are grown or cultivated right here in the 805.

You’ve heard of the 100 mile diet? Or keeping our dollars local to infuse greater vitality into our local communities? 805 Botanicals is committed to pollinator conservation and community. We firmly believe in win/win cycles and leaving a legacy for future generations.

We hope you support us, in supporting you, so we can support them (those darn cute bees).