Coming up empty on finding hand sanitizer at the supermarket? Been to all of them and still can’t find it? What else can you do, but make your own. That was our approach. Its really simple but there are scientific importances to keep in mind. We’ve got you covered with a recipe and a few short tips.

Hand Sanitizer Recipe (common) 

  • 2/3 Isopropyl Alcohol (equivalent to 180 proof ethanol alcohol)
  • 1/3 Aloe Vera Gel

That’s it! Mix and funnel into your portable container.

Personally, I don’t like the way it smells, feels or the residue it leaves. So we made our own recipe to replace the isopropyl alcohol (dries skin) and aloe vera gel (what is the mystery gel in there? Ewww). To mimic the emulsifier effect of aloe vera gel, we combined various proportions of vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil and witch hazel. I prefer to know where ALL of my ingredients come from so we partnered with a local distillery for grain alcohol. Then added a touch of germ hating essential oils that also smell terrific on the skin. You can play with your own blend of oils.

Booze instead of isopropyl alcohol isn’t fool proof! And neither is Coronavirus. You MUST use the appropriate Alcohol by Volume (ABV) ratio in order for the potency to really be effective. Translated, that means your overall product must contain 60 alcohol AND most scientists advise using a 180 proof or stronger booze. That’s what we use. It is between 180-200 proof, depending upon the batch. Popular Mechanics has a great article about this.

Specific measurements are important in breaking down the lipid envelope that surrounds and protects the virus. So with all this newfound time on your hands – do your research. Then play around with your own version – and share it with friends! Don’t have time? Try our limited offer hand sanitizer. We’re offering free shipping through April 1 (coupon code: crushcovid).

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